​“We are  building a company where each person can achieve their potential and become what they aspire to be.”

“CORE OPERATING VALUES”: Safety /Quality / Integrity / Family.

·       Safety
It’s how the day starts. Start every day with a safety check to make sure the job site is safe
It’s how we end the day. End every day checking the job site making sure it’s safe from wind / rain / and visitors that may enter into our construction site.  
Make sure your co-workers and you are working safely each day.
Build your safety foundation through GMG supplied training videos and 10 hour OSHA certification.

·       Quality
Our goal is to be better than our competition.
Your work speaks to who you are as a professional. Be a Craftsman.
Seek to understand why details are designed as they are so that you can build an understanding of what defines quality.

·       Integrity
“Integrity is a gift a person gives themselves”
“Integrity is what no one can give you and what no one can take away.”
I don’t see theft and dishonesty.  I see someone selling their integrity for the price of what they have taken. It saddens me when it happens. Once you have sold your integrity you cannot work at GMG.

·       Family
This company is meant to provide a safe place to earn a living as you raise your family and build life-long friendships with your coworkers and their families.
Work life is integrated with personal life. The culture of our workplace will affect the culture of your home.
We have strength as a group and can share things as a group that us as individuals cannot acquire.


Your job description: “INSPIRE TRUST”

If you are a professional roofer and do safe / quality work but do not inspire trust…… you’re not doing your job.....
We can teach roofing and will invest in your future and training if you Inspire Trust.

If your interested in employment please contact us at  252-565-2377